City Impro's Balderdash Tours

Join Balderdash University as a first year art student where the dysfunctional professors take you on an immersive and improvised tour of museums, historic locations and places of interest. Treat yourself to an alternative look at life.

According to the University Dean, all classes have to take the “modern approach”, which means plenty of interaction with the environment, games to play, and generally making your professors look the fool as they stumble onto little known truths: Marvel at the sixteen foot tall dinosaur made of biscuits, ponder the ethics of Mongolian paint dancing, and make your professors lives difficult as you question their ability to recall "facts"

~This is a Fireworks Day special event. Expect the unexpected!

Warning: this is an improvised tour where everything is completely untrue and made up on the spot.

All tours are unaffiliated with the museums they visit and everything you hear will be made up on the spot based on your suggestions.  Appropriate for ages 16+ only.

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